Frequently asked questions


What are the ticket types?

2020/2021 digital tickets will include a special edition digital badge. Both include everything speaker and village related. Also, 2020 ticket holders will gain an additional item in addition to rolling their ticket into 2022: A digital ticket that includes the famous tymkr created electronic badge or an analog ticket that included a plastic badge which includes all event activities at a reduced cost. CypherCon 5.3 also provides over 75 students discounted prices on both electronic and analog badges.

All tickets included attendance to all speakers and villages. The difference between analog and digital is only the interactive badge created by the tymkrs.

I have my CypherCon tickets, now what?

We have your ticket on record. Please bring a screenshot of your 2020 or 2021 “Forever” ticket or 2022 ticket. You can pickup your badges and/or shirt, hoodies at “will call” at registration desk, beginning 1:30pm.

Are CypherCon tickets transferable?

Yes, However, you’ll need to contact us to confirm the transfer. Each ticket is picked up at will-call, transferred tickets may have to show an ID at the door to grant entry. You may contact us to verify and switch names in our system up until 3 weeks prior to the event.

Do you offer cancellations or refunds?

No, we have a strict no-refund policy, however we will help you find an eager student willing to attend on your behalf.

Please note if you have a to our 2020 ticket canceled by covid-19, we will be rolling those tickets into “Forever” tickets and is good for our 2022 event or thereafter. As an alternative, we are looking into refund options if our insurance carriers allows. We anticipate this being a small probability.

Our strict no-refund policy states, “Any and all payments made to CypherCon are not refundable for any reason, including, without limitation, failure to use Credentials due to illness, change in attendance availability, acts of God, travel-related problems, acts of terrorism, government shutdowns of any kind, loss of employment and/or duplicate purchases.” unless our event insurance gets activated and contributes to reimbursement.

I accidentally sent a duplicate order or forgot I can’t be charged tax, can you refund?

We will help you refund your order, however we get hit with a processing fee of 2.9%+30c, if it was our system’s fault, we’ll refund that. If the fault is on your side, we ask you pay this processing fee as our payment processor does not refund that to us.

The Event

What is CypherCon?

CypherCon is a hacker conference based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Topics include Hacking, Information Security, Cryptography, Forensics, and other security oriented topics.

With the pandemic, our next shot is CypherCon 5.2 in Fall 2021 (no set dates yet) with a “go/no go” decided in June 2021. When we return, anticipating over 1000 attendees, which will likely need to be approved at the state and local levels. All 2020 purchased tickets are now “forever” tickets, good for one use at any future physical CypherCon event.

When and where is Cyphercon 5.3 (2022)?

Tentatively April 28, 2022 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Thursday: 1:30PM-10:00PM  (Afterparty 10pm-2am)

Friday 10:00AM-5:00PM

*The above times are subject to change.

Why does CypherCon Exist?

The event aims to lead, convene, and connect local and neighboring hacker and information security friends for an open discussion on strong cryptography, become advocacy outlet for privacy, and strive for the betterment of education of the general public in a diligent, loyal, honest manner, and not knowingly be part of any illegal or improper activities. We will accomplish this by being the interchange of knowledge and ideas, advancing the industry forward, while never forgetting our cultural hacker past.

What is there to do at CypherCon?

The conference format allows for specialized areas called villages, interesting talks, informal discussions, socializing, challenges, contests, and competitions. Technology and hacking is the primary purpose of the con but recommend divination into other related topics. Some like hacking the badge, some like capture the flag, some like the presentation topics.

What are the Speaker Presentations like?

Presentations include: corporate and network security, privacy, personal rights and freedoms, new technologies, modern exploit techniques, security philosophy, hardware hacking, forensics, reverse engineering, protocol analysis, cryptographic algorithms, even mushroom hacking, and all-around security issues with comedic ‘hacker’ motifs. Lastly, you never really have to touch a computer, and can socialize.

I’m not a hacker, Am I allowed at CypherCon?

Of Course! Anyone in good standing with cyphercon and/or the community may attend! A hacker is anyone who is curious and creative and seeks to understand how things work. Ultimately, many people have different characterizations of what a ‘hacker’ is, you can express whomever you wish to be.

Come learn with us, see interesting things, and participate!

What is the age limit?

CypherCon has no age limits, however we do not have specific areas designed for children on Thursday or Friday. Saturday is a dedicated event for children aged 7-17 at Hak4kidz a parent/child event. Feel free to contact us for further details in your discussion process.

Do sponsors influence the event?

To guarantee the independent nature of the conference, CypherCon has always had the following sponsorship guidelines:

  • Sponsors cannot affect the agenda
  • Sponsorship will not guarantee (nor prevent) a presentation slot
  • Zero tolerance for presentations that focus on marketing or directly promoting a commercial product

Where should I stay the night?

We recommend staying at the Hilton or Hyatt hotel connected to the conference. If those are unavailable we recommend the historic hotel downtown Milwaukee called The Pfister Hotel. The Pfister Hotel was the location of our very first year. *Please hold until we have confirmed dates due to the pandemic.

What about my privacy?

We honestly try hard to protect your information. We do not provide attendee lists to anyone beyond the organizer. We may email you occasionally about the event. We will not sell your information to third parties. Photos and video may be taken at the event by authorized individuals wearing press badges and approved by CypherCon leadership. Still Worried? Contact us and we can send you a cryptopayment address for payment.

Is your question not answered?

Contact us!